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  1. Demon Dragon

    I thought the master builder works on the gear up deffenses

  2. Taiyou.「たいよう」

    i really wanted to just help somehow, that would’ve been cool

  3. Shaina Williams

    I feel so bad for the giant BRANDY is a jerk

  4. Ferdy Najer

    Es precioso 🥺

  5. Gabriel Blando

    TH 7 but have miners and a queen

  6. Tom

    I WANT BATTLE RAM !!!!!! In my old village i never use this after the end plz i want the battle ram for 10 years (sorry for bad english im french)

  7. Сили Чоус

    Что за чудо

  8. Chara Fan

    0:59 look right you can see giant hog rider cloud

  9. Juaquin Manahan


  10. Chara Fan

    0:13 lool left you cam see a piano-hog rider from another animation

  11. Chara Fan

    0:18 look right you can see a hog rider crush the tree and turn dark elixir.

  12. LeviTGKツ

    Me winning in super smash bro’s against my little cousins: 7:22


    Everything changed and Ice hound attacked

  14. Wilmer Gamez


  15. Martin Gazdik

    New troop the wizard doc : can heal people by trhowing only heal spells

    1. Martin Gazdik

      New troop the rope skeleton : hes in a ballon and saves his team troops and attacks troops by kicking them to face while sliding down

  16. Lem On

    I can’t get any of this because it’s pay to win

  17. Mono

    Im new to the game

  18. Ktq Gaming

    The goblin cursing got me bro

  19. Santiago Peralta

    0:10 R.I.P BUTTERFLY :(

  20. carl 39

    Porfavor que se tenga en el último ayuntamiento me llamo en el juego

  21. carl 39

    Que tenga mucha vida y atacke

  22. carl 39

    Serviría de algo en las batallas que atacke la defensiva de las aldeas

  23. carl 39

    Super Sell porque no haces un héroe gigante estaría bien

  24. Umar Munir

    Brown boys trying to impress white chicks.

  25. 雪鷹魚 | 英語培訓的領航者

    I wish all the other CG SUPERCELL stuff had credits at the end.

  26. Irish guy’s Scarf

    How does the king knock down a wall In 1 hit

  27. Sanjay Sa

    They should make some kind of assassin hero

  28. YeY

    Bruh I rather play clash royal The reason I dont play coc is bc those stuff takes for ever to level up Like wth

  29. LukeaSaurus Rex

    I clicked on this and got this add lol

  30. YeY

    Imagine super Pekka in clash royal it would be so sick

  31. Loubna Le Noac'h


  32. Specialism

    Clash royale cards: I fear no man Clash royale cards: but that THING? Clash royale cards: *it scares me*

  33. João Victor

    Algo muito importante no Clash of Clans

  34. Calgraher Entertainment

    Everything is all fun until the valkyrie walks out of the clan castle

  35. AwesomeNurm Zamri

    I like how this ads is for someone who stopped the game for a long time. Now I've downloaded it again XD

  36. Deniz Buyukkasap

    When i was playing there was just townhall 8

  37. حسوني الرميثي

    اكو عراقين

  38. kayra baskan

    supercell thank you clash of clans , clash royale , brawl stars and boom beach best and cool games😀😀😀😀

  39. Claudio Cocchi

    I'm italy

  40. Claudio Cocchi


  41. Claudio Cocchi

    Love clash of clasn

  42. PilloTheStar

    Someone likes the wellerman song.

  43. PunCake Arbuzov

    0:41 That quiet kid on maths exam giving answers to you

  44. Player 1 Pro 20

    here and clash Royale and clash of clans and brawl stars

  45. XxkeistijanxX Kocev

    Who is here in 2021

  46. Ubayed Tuhin

    Why my Party king skin is lost? After a few month break I've came back few days ago and everything was alright except may party king skin is lost. I purchased that with gems. Now it's lost. How can I find that?

  47. Ubayed Tuhin

    Why my Party king skin is lost? I've came back few days ago and everything was alright except may party king skin is lost. I purchased that with gems. Now it's lost. How can I find that?

  48. Sunil Mulgund

    Yo there were more than 5 builders @ 7:40

  49. Derkka

    Man this game is good

  50. L - Yama

    O:40 lol no miners

  51. Левон Оганисян

    Its not qul

  52. Free cssh omxr

    Omg how to unlock level 12 prince It's in my channel click on my channel if ur kind 🥺

  53. Nandeesh Achar

    How to unseen this?

  54. Drip Goku

    Best mobile game ever

  55. Nend X

    Clash is one of the tops with angry bird and the ogs

  56. 悲伤的

    Yoooo she is cute tho

  57. Cole Stone


  58. Burak

    I love brawl stars

  59. Saad AlAmeri

    I hope every armor have ability

  60. Platinum Ore

    Is town hall 7: Also has grand warden

  61. code learning

    That trainer sounds and talks just like micky in rocky

  62. توماس شيلبي

    يا كلاش رويال

  63. توماس شيلبي

    اتمناء تشحون لي سيزون مجانا

  64. Артем Лавренюк


  65. Ankasimug 001


  66. matteo scoitattolo

    Guys stop attack me my name is beet on clash of clans

  67. Legend Anthony

    Because I'm not they missing out on a lot of sweet sweet ad revenue

  68. Legend Anthony

    Did this video have ads

  69. Garynius Aernasea

    *Ride now! Ride now!!! Ride!!! Ride to ruins! And the worlds ending!!!!!*

  70. MT. Gamerz

    7:06 there is no dragon in clash royale😂😂😂

  71. De dolle Dassen gta v

    Sick dude