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  1. #KLJ_KKR

    Very exited about the new update !!!

  2. SarmaleGaming


  3. ReaperGaming 12

    Yay more air troops 😒


    It will be good😘

  5. The Walkin' Dude

    Me: Crying while stucked at TH10

  6. Ifelia Achorling

    Air troops more and more

  7. Edgar

    Wo w

  8. Prithvi Rathore

    Boring game

  9. lolmik jr

    Naol townhall 14 lol

  10. Dark Soul

    2x nice upgrade

  11. Bhupendra 94

    Skeleton dragon rider Game of thrones

  12. Siddharth Vidwans

    ARdevs recommended this to me after 15 years wooooooowwww!

  13. Sky Fives

    It would be cooler if its mecha dragon


    Better work supercell

  15. Zy-Fy

    I don't know why they made the damage when destroyed in that troop ;_;

  16. Lance Jonrei Fancubilla

    i cant wait for the next update

  17. Hsyn•20 Yıl Önce

    Global chat pls😔🙏


    This is balloons with thrusters

  19. Kai Tech


  20. Rufus 181


  21. Apocalypse


  22. Nishkarsh Shrestha

    Ghost rider 2.0😂😂

  23. Mehmet Dabanlı


  24. Sebastian 99

    Did anyone else thought it would be like a tanking unit

  25. Fireball boiboi

    Dragon Rider:nope❌ Some skeleton boi in an unstable wooden dragon boi that just came out from the work shop✅

  26. Kongkona saha Dola

    Please give a bit attention to builder base also....... it's been a while since we got the last update in that

  27. elijahtrent21

    The game is moving too damn fast for me to catch up.

  28. Jenda Šprachta

    Whats special ability or something?

  29. Lorraine Oller

    I cant get the update

  30. uzumaki naruto

    Daaaaamn 😍🔥🔥

  31. Saroj dhoundiyal

    Update soon

  32. Сабит Акрамжанов


  33. Tony Stark!

    Now everyone will spam these instead of edrags lmao

  34. BAILLOBAY Carole

    Year vite vite la mise a jour que je test 😋

  35. SRYELING. ស្រីុអុីលីង Music

    How about peka rider?

  36. Rakhi Roy Choudhury

    We need a new spell🙏🙏🙏

  37. Mohammed Al Harthi

    Clash of Clans ON TOP 🔥😍

  38. Capitalist and chill


  39. AS A GAMER

    Will they come after a update

  40. Yarashov Arslon


  41. Jose andres Luna gutierrez

    de los creadores de montapuercas y monta carneras. llega monta dragones xd

  42. WS Gaming

    I'm so excited but I'm only town hall 7 :(

  43. Bill Gates


  44. akasyah

    Clash Of Clans please add 1 more heroes at builder hall!! I know you read this

  45. Bayu Ardiansyah

    Now we need pekka rider

  46. Khánh Truong

    It very good



  48. Ganondorf1994 Van Casand

    More a easter egg from Ghost rider.

  49. Akash A.V

    New army is coming soon get ready :))

  50. Lollipop Tree

    How many types of dragon do you need? Supercell: Yes

  51. 亗EXDツSURÁJ๛

    You have do something for lower townhalls for attracting new playes

  52. Bartosz Koć

    Yey new troop. Creative idea dragon Rider and skeleton

  53. Zy-Fy

    Year 2030:Now We have the Skeleton king:)

  54. Tapan Thakur

    How to train you dragon 2 COC update.

  55. Dina nath

    Mind blowing

  56. Revu Gameplays

    Rip regular balloons

  57. Yeri Nugraha

    Air defense : ah s*ht here we go again

  58. #Save Earth

    Who's watching these without vr, just using a phone

  59. Rohan Chaudhary

    All new toys for wall breakers... First Balloons now Dragons what? Skeleton Bikers (like ghost riders ?) 🤣🙄🙄

  60. Dipashri Padir

    New updates are coming


    First, skeletons get only a bomb. After that, they get baloons with lots of bombs. And now, a dragon! Looks like they're motivated from game of thrones. Though there wasn't any baloons in got. Meh. 😕

  62. Dipashri Padir

    Its great

  63. Konstantinos Mets

    Now the making of 1trillion strategies can begin!

  64. Joostine -

    l the gameplay ooks very similar to several other troops

  65. SAB1122

    Walls are becoming useless day by day

  66. 上海 OP大家庭

    Yesss,I’m gonna get it

  67. Akshay Mali

    The ending where the suggestion for the next video fitting into the tv is so satisfying to watch

  68. Dahbi -the golden player

    If he dosent scream Draaaagooooonnn riiiiddddeeerrrr Im not playing with it

  69. Mohammed Tariq Fida

    R theese gonna be super troops or troops n wats there max level

  70. Liam Cetin

    Love the game

  71. orbit

    I want clash a rama

  72. The_Vile _Menace

    More like the Naga Queen...

  73. Khushal Jain

    Now a graduated skeleton will have a lot of jobs 😂💀

  74. Suge


  75. NJR HAZE

    Available for townhall 15+

  76. Павел Волков

    Разрабы вы больные!!!! Накера этот юнит на 13 тх то нужен!!!!

  77. Moamel Hassoun

    نجtو رب العبه كافي نعل

  78. Deejei Jardinel

    Alright new troop