Goblins Got Talent (Clash Of Clans)

Clash of Clans

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    To this day nobody knows why the Villager claps at trees, but some questions are better left unanswered ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    1. Preeti D’Souza

      So that’s why villagers clap at trees

    2. Maron V2

      POV:your a villager and you started to clap a tree and this happens

    3. SkullSquad Ghostify

      1:00 Top 3 anime plot twists. It turns out, that all along, giants were only using 1% of their full power.

    4. Umar Munir

      Brown boys trying to impress white chicks.

    5. Jian Wen

      ngl I kinda like goblins now

    6. CROW MECA

      0:48 0:48

    7. Faiyz Shahir

      What this video even means (•_•)(•_•)(•_•)

    8. Anto Chang

      Goblin magic

    9. Gitansh Raj

      the fastest giant is boxer giant

    10. Mahi Chowdhury


    11. Hamsia Hamsia

      Who are goblin

    12. ReaperCreeper

      COC in a nutshell

    13. Jimmy Cano

      who else misses clash a rama

    14. Datniger

      This tells a lot about our society

    15. wibi 9424

      i always like coc short movie

    16. RHENZOPLAYZ 2.0

      They are clapping trees because team trees

    17. Poetatoe

      I never thought those villagers are hot

    18. Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN

      Lmao Fr tho But why Be a tree Lol idk

    19. Amin Zulkarnain

      Kebiasaan NPC yang absurd

      1. The Ganteng

        Halo Bro lu ngapai?

    20. K&K

      0:39 love the goblin expression 😘

    21. زارب بحلگ ایران

      beautiful girl

    22. BigFatBoy

      0:05 My uncle in my room Some questions are better left unanswered.

    23. Diamond _ARA


    24. el pibe de la esquina

      Y por que el rediseño de las aldeanas

    25. Omniveil

      Villagers clapping to obstacles actually happens in the game

    26. Navalny

      goblins pick up to her She: hmmmmm...

    27. Rex Rexacubo

      A música do final é iqual a do angry byrds

    28. Andrew Ang

      Thats the reason why villagers clapping to the nature

    29. Chris Jasper Mapuyan

      Why the villagers needed to clap

    30. DanDelion 05

      Cantik njirr :v

      1. The Ganteng

        simp ajg

    31. Joshua Vidal

      the dart goblin should look like this 0:43

    32. Jhonatan Patal

      Esa aldeana nueva es muy bonita 😳

    33. Bruce Banner

      0:48 when you are having a hot dream and then you wake up and realize you were just dreaming

    34. Poison Coe901

      "So why do you think we should hire you in my base?" "Well, basically I clapon trees." "Th-Thats it?" "Yep" "You're in."

    35. R a f i S

      Imma simp to her.

    36. Aditya Sharma

      we want a web series of clash of clans anime of 13 parts with each townhall level. agree then like here 👇

    37. JTeilec 2021

      0:33 Paromaunt Pictures

    38. Himanshu Raj

      Dart goblin in coc

    39. Joel Kosinski

      Never go after a tree hugger, they’re nothing but trouble

    40. rifki aditia kiki


    41. IsaacDs7

      Esa aldeana está cojible

    42. Orxan Huseynli

      I like how she is just soo useless

    43. [I-am-the-Kraken]

      Pov: Ты единственный русский на этом видео.

    44. Aj Uzumaki

      That COC guide is broken, when the giant came she also must have ran gor the TH instead she stands and claps🤨

    45. Bloxx

      Im very interested.... Why those villager women clap? Are they spawning a demon?

    46. DUKA 777

      Клаш топ✊🔥💣

    47. MTF_Nine_Tailed _Fox

      How to be a Villager in COC 1. Dress up as a Villager (women) 2. Go to a Tree 3. Clap Clap Clap

    48. Gianni Jimenez

      The thumbnail was made to draw the simps into the video, and judging by these comments it worked...

    49. AMIR PIE

      Boy that villager is so cute in short animations :0

    50. FanaticSwordsman7161

      The clapping is so satisfying

    51. Demiurge Hosha

      Now,,,i know what are she doing in the village beside the tree

    52. Ahmed Abdallah

      Now I know what these girls do in front of the trees all the time in the game

    53. Geovany Emilio Puc May

      Por que la obsesión por aplaudir a los árboles, arbustos y todo eso?

    54. ElChilangoMX

      Goblins simp

    55. Vibey Monk

      Goblins got talent But the villager got racks

    56. Asriel

      Moral of the story: If you have a giant in your army you can clean trees without a builder

    57. TL Bobby


    58. martys biascas

      This animation are better than moonton advertisement.


      Go and check out guys fast

    60. Milinda Shehan

      Why she clap every time

    61. Blue Eyes Loli Dragon

      see a lady villager, see a goblin my mind: goblin slayer

    62. RafaMax 27

      La aldeana está re buena

    63. Jaylen Mayorga

      Why did the giant start chasing them😂😂

    64. xX_BLACK KNIGHT_Xx

      Now I know how these trees grow up !

    65. xX_BLACK KNIGHT_Xx

      Sweet! Hahaha!

    66. ‹ نيـﹳرو⃤ɳ ᥱ r o


    67. Henrique Bernanos.

      Villager: hmmmm Video: hmmmm i: hmmmm


      Only true fan knows why she is clapping 😎😎😎😎😎😎

    69. crimfin_

      I love how the villagers spend their lives jumping over walls and clapping

    70. Nguyễn Phong Huy

      Clash a rama ss3 plz

    71. Filip Sekuloski

      f why do goblins have new noises ?

    72. Jasper Noble

      please make a clash of clans movie 🤣

    73. Terry Scott

      I guess the giant must of been under a rage spell

    74. The Waffle

      Goblin simp

    75. Kumari Shailja


    76. Colin Morrison


    77. temubrine

      Goddamn shawty

    78. Davitauro

      I thought that the villagers applauded everything

    79. Md Noman

      clap clap 👏👏👏

    80. omita nongthombam

      That clapping girl is beautiful

    81. dinar soni


    82. hunter mcnunn


    83. xSparky

      i simp for clash of clans villager now

    84. Awesome Dylan

      Yes. Clap at a tree. You could be another person working on building my upgrades and stuff, but you choose to be a tree clapper

    85. RagingPlayz•CODM

      0:16 6 yo me trying to impress my crush be like:

    86. Mr. Pen

      I want the villagers to become units you could take to battle, their jumping over walls ability, infiltrate the townhall and steal players potions..🤩🤩

    87. Jack son

      I can't understand what is she doing🙄🤔

    88. goblin

      I know my talents pretty good

    89. Bishnu Boro

      plsssss make a super hit long movie on supper troop and others

    90. Si Hijau

      Editor Bang skot Ngapain

    91. lumbayan playz

      Oh so that's why she claps at the game 🥺

    92. Ahmad Mursyid

      Mau ngumpulin yang masih nonton di tahun 2021🤣😂

    93. Pablo Sebastián Mutzuma Barrios

      Árboles: *existen* Aldeanas: Aplaudible 👏

    94. mkk clasher

      I cleared your hog mountain challenge

    95. Larry Quick

      Ps. I love goblins.

    96. Larry Quick

      The old and new one are cute

    97. Larry Quick

      I love both the thin and the chubby village women. THEY ARE cute.

    98. Random Gamer

      Villager : sees the giant Also Villager : Proceeds to say hmmmmmmm and clap TyPiCaL ViLlaGeR

    99. hoàng gia bảo

      question : why the villagers always clapping under trees?

    100. Ahmad haris Suhur andika

      Mantap 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤜🤛