The CHAMPION KING is Here For A Limited Time! (Clash of Clans)

Clash of Clans

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    Suit up, grab your sword, and go to War!!! The Champion King Skin is available for a limited time only.
    From November 27th to 29th, the 8 finalist Clans will showcase their talent with the world's greatest strategies as they battle for the $1,000,000 prize pool. Only one Clan will walk away as the 2020 World Champions!

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    Attack. Defend. Strategize. Download for free for mobile devices.
    From rage-­filled Barbarians with glorious mustaches to pyromaniac wizards, raise your own army and lead your clan to victory! Build your village to fend off raiders, battle against millions of players worldwide, and forge a powerful clan with others to destroy enemy clans.
    PLEASE NOTE! Clash of Clans is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money
    Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash of Clans.
    A network connection is also required.
    - Build your village into an unbeatable fortress
    - Raise your own army of Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters
    - Battle with players worldwide and take their Trophies
    - Join together with other players to form the ultimate Clan
    - Fight against rival Clans in epic Clan Wars
    - Build 18 unique units with multiple levels of upgrades
    - Discover your favorite attacking army from countless combinations of troops, spells, Heroes and Clan reinforcements
    - Defend your village with a multitude of Cannons, Towers, Mortars, Bombs, Traps and Walls
    - Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign through the realm
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    Terms of Service:
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    1. s H i z z 7 L e

      Bring this skin back out in the shop please i want to buy please ❤❤

    2. MrLoomian

      I immediately bought that King skin when it was out, knowing that its exclusive and will never return. thats the only reason why i bothered spending money on it. well its also hecking cool

    3. Leon Mathew Sebastian

      Earning 1 mill USD in real life😑😑 Earning 1 mill in CoC😎😎

    4. SniperPK


    5. S G

      i am looking for the barbarian not the barbarian king

    6. Killer Beast

      Think there will be a Champion Queen?

    7. Comentario Man

      0:29 king barbarian hair reveal

    8. OpTicJay

      Pls put the warrior queen in the gem shop

    9. Arnesh Pal

      Million Dollar haha 😘

    10. Arnesh Pal


    11. Anouk Wrld

      Is it gonna come back out?

    12. LeMxn

      I would pay 100 bucks for global chat

    13. Стиз Игры :D

      Why not Champion Royal Champion?

      1. SmileyGreen

        XD good idea

    14. Kira Aayisiz

      Clash of clans: Lets introduce Beric Dondarrion to Everyone.

    15. Dicko avacado

      Bring it again

      1. Dicko avacado

        @Paulo Victor cool

      2. Paulo Victor

        O brought It 😀

      3. Dicko avacado

        @ItsRaneemme too :(

      4. ItsRaneem

        The probably won't. I really wanted to buy this skin 😞

    16. Harsh Pareek

      Please offer this skin in gems

    17. 89 Clans COC

      COC Theeee Bess 👍👍👍

    18. Alifia Vidiati


    19. Ghs Badger

      When is it coming out again?

      1. Alex Roy

        It was limited ,so no more

      2. ItsRaneem

        Probably never... I really wanted to get the skin 😞

    20. pratik patel

      Why You increase 50₹ for gold pass in india ! Don't be greedy we decided that we will not purchase gold pass from now.

    21. Mattia Longhin

      I would rather paid gems instead of money for a skin... ok its limited, but its not an excuse for 10$

    22. A1MER




    24. Laxminath Yadav

      Coc i have a idea a siecenol trup baffoon giant fase of joker amd body is giant

    25. Acrotmint renturn

      Clash a rama

    26. ياسر الموسوي

      جايكم من المستقبل بيت 15 راح ينزل بطل جديد يعني (ملك)

    27. mahdi janmohammadloo

      Please fire woddy we need our ears coc do sth I’m beginning

    28. Oniichan ML

      Ive seen a lot of comments "This game is dying" Supercell: Now,lemme bring back the global chat feature of the game as a christmas gift.

    29. MD Yeakub

      Supercell i request you to pls give a update in which the cc will not need gems to req again


      I would like to see new update of a new troop or town hall in Clash of Clans 😀😀

    31. Let Clash

      Make a video of "Why archer hold a pan in her hand (left upper region of wallpaper) in the present wallpaper appear when we enter COC? "... And what is the mystery behind that ?!?!

    32. Flame Thrower

      Hey, I think my account got Hacked. It said log in failed and try again later I even Uninstalled and tried again it still didn't work.

      1. Mudassir Baig

        I think it's network issue

    33. الفن المتحرك

      ailaf clash of clans clash royale

    34. الفن المتحرك

      واووووووووو ماس سمعت عن هاذا الاسكن❤💛💚💜💙😍😀💖💓💕💟💞💝💘💗

    35. Clash with AK47

      Is have also this skin ,it's really amezing👌🏻❤️

    36. EvilKingod game And more

      Can it be free

    37. EvilKingod game And more


    38. Innanje gaming

      Want best clan join"innanje clan"and become elder

    39. Zaw Ye Htet

      Please , solve the problem of draining all(or)most of the kinds of phone batteries.

    40. Zombie Nuke Killer

      I destroyed the champion king skin with my archers

    41. artvision studio

      Damn you, Supercell, oh Super thief

    42. Issa Ar.

      I just suddenly remembered this game . I thought it was dead but nope it's still running

      1. Alex Roy

        It is still one of grossing games ever

    43. mram

      واو كويث

    44. Hassan Painter حسن الرسام


    45. Paulo Victor

      Best Skin ever.

    46. NoOb3_ gamer

      I went rain in the map

    47. erdem güner

      Bring back global

    48. Hilfiger

      People : They should edit a challenge, where u can get free skin and gems Coc : we should sell everything, and earn much money btw

      1. artvision studio

        Damn you, Supercell, oh Super thief

    49. 白香蕉_YouTube

      When will they add super spells

    50. Elphy Plays

      Not gonna spend 10 bucks on a skin unless its global chat

    51. Gopal Paudel

      We need clan chat....

    52. destiny heroine gaming

      Next skin pirate king barbarian like gold d Roger custom ty .🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    53. HerMix Vlog


    54. Laskar Play

      Ayo selenggarakan Tournament di Indonesia.



    56. Tabitha Rodriguez

      Their bases are quite bad.

    57. MA TV feni


    58. MA TV feni


    59. MA TV feni


    60. MA TV feni

      add 🇧🇩

    61. D. Eternal

      Can we get warrior queen for 1500 gems on the future..? I am farming gems for her.....😅😅

      1. Richierich555

        That skin is never returning

    62. Akshay Dugar

      Please keep book of everything in clan games in october

    63. eggz hehe

      He looks so weird without his crown 00:29

    64. Osama Shilbayeh

      This ain't coming back right?

    65. Gene Berry


    66. Reggie Penaflor

      Clash are you gonna release the mega bases

    67. nekee chand boro

      Purchased champion skin Also balance in my account:

    68. ANANDHU P.B

      How to change supercell id email

      1. ANANDHU P.B

        Any one knows please tell

    69. meh x

      I would like To See A Royal Champion Skin, Like in the the Special Offer selection That It Will Only Show Up For Th13 Only

    70. meh x

      0:31 Lol, I like How The Barbarian King Upper Cuts The Royal Champion

    71. rahul jadhav

      I have no receive OTP please send thank you in Email address. Please

    72. Drank Lotos

      Вы тоже здесь ищите комент Рудника?🗿

    73. V.F tech

      Or water defense which swiped the ground troop

    74. V.F tech

      I want water or flood spell in clash royale

    75. Kalipet the_duck

      I would like to see an update where skins give boosts so it actually has a purpose

    76. Okay

      Woody seems like a nice guy Bit He isint a good kommentator!! He is just annoying

    77. Andrew Turner

      I bought it on four accounts lmao

    78. Little Scar

      Any chance of these skins adding attributes to our heroes? Otherwise they seem like a waste of gems.

    79. Hbc Oln


    80. Saurav Pramanik

      Hey developers.... Pls think about upgradation of clan perks... After level 10.. it's stop... There is no extra benefit in upgradation.. so we loose interest to upgrade the clan perks.. pls think about it... It's a humble request to all d developers

    81. شادي احمد


    82. SHADOW

      Clash of clans plz un ban me I did nothing

    83. Angel Valdez

      Since global chat is gone: Semi-max th10 level 30+ hero’s , good at war waiting till fully max to commit in war(still need inferno towers n xbows till max) NEED a solid clan (:

    84. ff with vansh

      Give me supercell and gift

    85. JakeWasHere

      I would do so much to get the Luna queen. Too bad it’s gone forever... 😭

      1. JakeWasHere

        I’ve got the champ king and I would be so happy if I got the Luna queen with it

    86. edmond santos

      Would be nice if hero skins have an extra like faster regeneration time.

    87. Levon Barkhudaryan

      But when is it ?

      1. Alex Roy

        It was limited

      2. Dominus Gutter

        It's in the shop

    88. Levon Barkhudaryan


    89. Parallax

      If they want people to buy the skins they could at least make them look a tiny bit better, the sword is nice but everything else yuck

      1. Paulo Victor

        This is the best skin ever.


      Coc is my life beast game backgournd story is super all coc lover like and comment❤👌❤❤❤

    91. Thomas Robinson

      Does any one want to see a boom beach clash a Roma series because I think that would be cool if people got back into the game

    92. Urban Dictionary

      I bought it but to expensive for this game lol

    93. بافي فيصل

      متى تسترجعون قريتي😭😭😭

    94. Dodong Manoy

      Can you help me supercell i purchase the champion skin but did not apear on mah hero

    95. maneesh gowda

      Do u expect me to pay 799? I can buy gold pass for 2 seasons What is wrong with u guys Codm battle pass is just worth it pay once and earn enough cp for next battle pass Stop it, get some help 😂

    96. Milan Rai

      When will u make a 3d map

    97. Anup ray

      I am master 2 clan leader. Looking for some extraordinary war players. Specially i m from Kolkata, India. Loyal , friendly players i need. My clan also very friendly for all. Interested people reply below!!! !✌️

    98. goldenfreddy78

      Why would u take out the option for the heroes to go to sleep put back on NOW!

    99. Felix Gaming

      You’ve heard of the Champion King but have you heard of the Champion Champion?

    100. Gianluca Novac

      Clash a arama with night village pls