World Championship FINALS - Day 1 - Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

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    The time has come to crown the Clash of Clans World Champions! The journey to the World Finals is nearing its end, and the best teams of 2020 are ready to battle for the $1,000,000 prize pool. The road to the Championship has been fraught with challenges, but the teams have remained undaunted while they hone the best attack strategies to prove once and for all they are the best Clan of 2020!
    Get ready to witness some of the greatest Clash battles over the course of this 3-day event. With the Clash of Clans October Update still fresh in the competitive meta, will we see new strategies featuring the incredible Super Troops? What new Town Hall 13 defense tactics will be unveiled? What clutch attacks will we see that will shake the very foundation of the competitive Clash scene?
    Make sure you watch all 3 days for you may never see Clashing like this again! Don't miss a single moment as our casters give you a moment-by-moment breakdown of every attack. Hone your own Clashing skills and learn from the best as they give you in-depth post-War analysis!
    This is the moment you've been waiting for!
    Day 1 Matchups:
    ATN.aTTaX vs H.T Family
    x6tence vs Darkest MuZhan
    Vatang vs eleVen Original
    Ni Chang Dance vs QueeN Walkers
    Losing team of Match 1 vs. Losing team of Match 2
    Losing team of Match 3 vs. Losing team of Match 4
    Finalist Teams:
    ATN.aTTax: ATNattax_coc
    Darkest MuZhan: DarkestMuZhan
    eleVen Original: eleven_original
    H.T Family: HT_Family_coc
    Ni Chang Dance
    QueeN Walkers
    Vatang: VatangCoC
    x6tence: x6tence_mx
    What would a Clan War stream be without its talented lineup of hosts and casters?
    Host: Mr. Banks - IamMrBanx
    Caster: LadyB - LadyBGaming
    Caster: Woody - WoodyTalks
    Caster: Judo Sloth -
    Caster: Clash Bashing!! -
    Analyst: CarbonFin -
    Stay updated with all information about the World Championship in our Esports Twitter:

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    1. Marc Gemuel De Castro


    2. Hamidou 123

      امين يارب العالمين

    3. Sabil

      These people are so sweaty jeez

    4. bangla and tips


    5. bangla and tips


    6. bangla and tips


    7. رضا القناص

      سوو عربي منو وياي

    8. Jerri Brandon Singh

      Me at th 12:Pekkabobat

    9. さなSana

      Yo yuta14's face change so much like wow dude

    10. Nanay Domingo

      Bring back the global chat please

    11. TOP WORLD

      Queen walkers vs ni chang dance was like a rematch of last match of queen walkers in #6 qualifiers with intz

    12. hari 01

      Yen Thalia are kartik

    13. Corbett Hahn

      2:37:30 um lady b u good?

    14. yayang sayang

      Y u r so beautiful here lady B

    15. SØÑÛ

      3:14:45 that comment i was waiting till family way of taking down inferno....

    16. Talip Cankaya

      REQ GTFO

    17. Jboy35


    18. Carlos F

      These guys make it look easy... even when they mess up midway they still really don’t mess up since you rarely ever see a 1 star😭😂

    19. Sweet League Legend

      I got legend in th6

    20. Clash With CONQUEROR - PAK TRIBE

      replace woody or ladyb to Clash With Eric he is the man that we all like commentry of what a confident man he is

    21. DEVRAJ 8.9


    22. Janaki Januka

      Make a uptade were the troops in army camp can defend the village

    23. Safia Musheer

      It's coc

    24. Safia Musheer

      What should I do

    25. Safia Musheer

      My voc is opening and closing

    26. Prathisha BTS armygirl

      My friend is such a funny guy he uses jump spell for hog rider lmao😂😝

    27. A b

      Can clash of clans make war room chats? Please make more features instead of making the game more complicated

    28. Game Over


    29. deionplays games join the ne squad

      Name clan

    30. deionplays games join the ne squad

      Too bad i can't join

    31. Matt Pecas

      This was a so exiting war, I can't wait to see day 2 now!

    32. ABO BARK ابو برق

      ليش اسكندر الكبير نا يشارك بالبطولة

    33. Mad boy Viper King 2020

      When the winter update will come

    34. Faizan Mir

      Level 12 full upgrated

    35. Faizan Mir

      Hey guys I want to sell my coc account

    36. A b

      Yetis need a buff, they suck...every attack with them is two or less

    37. Tesla Tesla

      Klaus 2:47:12

    38. NoobKill vandr

      Когда обновление?почему только бравл старс ааааааа?

    39. thomas dart

      25:39 they left the poor guy hanging

    40. Mystix Ultra

      Townhall 14 in the background?

    41. Beef Testy

      I love clash, but it took me until today to realize they have the WORST commentators. Esports in general have terrible commentary but wow is clash garbage

    42. Payed 1445

      ❤ From Malaysia❤

    43. Bubele Matanda

      The base building was on point here

    44. Habsy id.

      From indonesia

    45. Allen Zhang

      2:04:33 queen could have targetted anything, but she decided to shoot a wall right next to the single.

    46. Matt Lee

      Anyone else think Clash Bashing's yell sounds like Chris Rock yelling?

    47. Shadow

      Yes... eleven Original was really good choice....

    48. waleed haddad

      1:52:05 minutes into this thing.... dude these attacks have been AWFUL.... i see better in my cwl and we are not on this level

    49. Emerson francois

      eleven org tried hard to get the win peace out teamers and wow imagine tribe gaming join in instead eleven

    50. Paras Gupta

      Kartik is so good

    51. Ravinder Kumar

      Help me Sar How to open a COC account once it is closed🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁


      Nice! :)

    53. Леон Чангли

      Я ахерел ПРОСТО

    54. Holy Devil Kenzie

      Klaus’ attack was god tier!

    55. KaoticClips

      The casters are legitimately ruining this for me lmao. I'm on war #2 and they're giving me a headache. Only non-annoying caster so far is clash bashing. They're being ridiculously loud. I get that they're trying to make it exciting, but people are going to be excited regardless if they're a fan of the game. + it's champs

    56. Koko Ci

      Anjay...Ada bangskot

    57. SoleGitter 35

      Oh yeah yeah

    58. Enes Kaan

      Th14 concept

    59. Coşkun Demir


    60. tic tac


    61. Sean Yin

      48:37 was that a royal champion skin?

    62. Maxx Power

      Woody is just too annoying. Uber happy that judo is back

    63. j k

      2:37:14 that super minions rocket changed its path 😂

    64. Theo415

      There’s a skin on the rc?

    65. lagger TV.

      Please back the global chat

    66. Clifford Cabrera

      I’m only 20 minutes into a 4+hr.... And WOODY is ALREADY making FALSE claims during attacks.... Does he even play Clash or clans?! He’s the WORST announcer.....why is he their starting announcer.......he’s GARBAGE

    67. i am Sexy Girl

      mai bhi khelti hu coc

    68. bacchusignoramus

      The lady caster is atrocious.. how she got this gig is shocking

    69. Pratham Bagmar

      This is wrong - We buy runes for 3000 gems from trader and when we sell it. It just gives 50 gems

    70. Taru Kur

      @supercell @clashofclans I wonder why you guys are sticking with Woody as a caster. He simply has no idea of how an attack is going on. Yes he knows a few good words and sentences here and there... but the game knowledge is pathetic. It's quite evident he doesn't even play the game and its baffling to see him where he shouldn't be.

    71. Rat Bat

      Woody is such an awful commentator 🤦‍♂️

    72. Rudie Kraft

      Stfu woody

    73. Rudie Kraft

      Ohhhhh I fkn hate this god damn woody

    74. Jsharp102

      Can that commentator chill tf

    75. bacchusignoramus

      Horrible absolutely horrendous casters... cannot watch with anyone else in the room.. kick this loud mouth off

    76. ZiQQ Gamer

      Nice attack

    77. Mrc Gmr

      Those Commentators are the wrong choice for such a great Event. Thank you supercell for not listening to the wishes of your community again! Hope you will change it in the next year. I cant watch this unmuted any longer....

    78. Two Palms

      I love how everyone is wearing suits while wearing headsets I don’t know why that is so funny to me

      1. Jay_Bro

        Its funny coz it coc

    79. james swain

      3 attacks in now and Woody's in full shouting mode, save your ears, mute audio!

    80. Njabulo Mgabwamafu

      1 Corinthians 15 :1-4

    81. james swain

      Seriously after last year's world championship the amount of people that didn't like Woody's commentary and you hire him again this year 2 attacks in and he's started his shouting!!!! FFS!!, Supercell why why? Guess I'm watching this with no sound again this year!

    82. SYCO GAMER

      Ni chang dance played like a winner🤑

    83. SYCO GAMER

      Queenwalkers vs ni chang dance😍

    84. Zubair Malik

      Omg at 3:29:20 did anyone saw super minions shots going in zigzag pattern 😂.I find it pretty funny

    85. Ki ihan

      3:18:33 Elec • ✓Tai waduk✓ •

    86. Rudie Kraft

      Anyone else think woodey os the most annoying person ever

    87. Neo Gen

      I think it's a shame that such a high level competition has a commentator that is more interested in her hair than knowing about the game. Can we get some decent commentary, where is Judo and Carbon? Other than Adam (RIP) those two are the only others that know what they are talking about.

      1. Neo Gen

        @Isis Gabriela Pineda Rodriguez True, love Eric’s videos too, just good to watch and chill with him 🤗

      2. Isis Gabriela Pineda Rodriguez

        Eric is a great commentator too! Loved his videos, I'd rather see Carbon and Eric 😭

    88. Yathi Kumar

      3:20:05 🔥🔥 That was one hell of a SWAG !!! Not deploying the RC but securing 3 star with more than a minute left.

    89. -愛嫌いмчѕтιc忍

      Eleven Original Sucks.. Can't believe people voted for them in Wild card

      1. Holy Devil Kenzie

        Lol. No they don’t. And they performed well. Appreciate their efforts. They suck? They would beat the crap out of your clan if you go against them in wars so show some respect 🤣

    90. Дима Мимо

      Кто из русских здесь?

    91. Rajay Kolhapurkar

      Sir woody plz don't shout

    92. неизвестный


    93. Sikandar Memon

      21 HOURS AGO OMG

    94. Eric Mason

      Make the census a little bit longer plz cause I want to buy it

    95. Felix Rivas

      Hybrid Smash for the win!

    96. goodoljr1

      Lady B= Amber Heard

    97. vnabluesky

      Eve pasi đánh như hịt 😜

    98. Gill Sewak


    99. Samir Sharma

      20:11 royal champion has a skin wow how many of you noticed ???